Monday, October 14, 2013


With only a little over two weeks till my due date. I'm officially considered full term so little Theo could come at any time. So now we're just anxiously waiting his arrival. To tell you the truth I'm not a very patient person, so all this waiting and not knowing when he'll show is driving me nuts. So in the mean time, to keep me sane I'm keeping myself busy by keeping the house clean. The other night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I kept thinking that it would be great if I went into labor that night. But the more I was thinking about it, the more I kept thinking of the kitchen. The kitchen was a disaster, the dishes and counters needed to be wiped down. I didn't want to go into labor and have the house a wreck, haha crazy I know. So then I decided to do my best to keep the house as spotless as I could till this little guy came. So that's about all that is happening around here, waiting and cleaning. Hopefully soon I'll be putting up a post about our precious little Theo being welcomed into the world!

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