Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little Bit of Peace and a Whole Lot of Business

Life has been super busy. There are so many days where I feel like my head is spinning because I just keep going and going and going and don't know when I'll stop. It's been like that for a while and it will continue to be like this for some time. Until then I'm quite thankful for the little bit of peace I get in the midst of the chaos. Several weeks ago my husband and I had the pleasure of going on a weekend trip to Savannah. We never had a honeymoon so it was nice to finally go on a trip as husband and wife. :) It was really nice. We stayed in a nice hotel for a good price. We were able to visit the historic district of town which I loved. I always love the architecture and beauty of historic areas, it reminds me a little bit of my home in Romania and all the beauty there. The whole weekend was great and I was really grateful to be able to get out of town and to relax. Something I much needed!
Absolutely beautiful!

For the first nine weeks we worked at our job Michael and I were on the same schedule. We're now on two different schedules, he's in the morning and I'm in the afternoon. It's been really hard the past couple of weeks, but thankfully we get a little break this coming up weekend for my birthday and hopefully soon after that we'll have our schedule's back together. Till then, we will persevere and look forward to the little time we have with each other.