Friday, July 26, 2013


Just a quick little update on the Rinderknecht household. Life has been pretty busy lately, between Michael working, babysitting, getting up early running to run errands, preparing for baby and dog sitting I feel like the days are flying by faster than I can count them. This week we have the fun of having two dogs. My brother and sister-in-law left for a vacation so they asked us to take of their sheltie. She's a real sweetie. It is nice having her around and keeping Mozzie occupied, I think he gets a little to bored during the day with just me here.

Michael has a short work week thankfully. Starting Sunday he has a four day weekend, which we are going to use to just relax and maybe do something fun if the weather permits. Summer is the busiest season at Delta so its been a little tiring for him, but he's been working so hard. I'm very proud of him. :) On top of all of that he's getting ready to go back to school. He'll start classes in August. Not much else going on as of now, more updates to come.

Friday, July 5, 2013

My Hand at Crafts

This past week I started working on decorations for the nursery. I had spent so much time finding ideas online that by the time I got to making them I knew exactly what I wanted. Here's the first project I did:

I got this idea from pinterest, it was actually something someone was selling on etsy I just took the idea and made it my own. I absolutely love how they turned out! And they were so easy to make. I just found a whale silhouette that I liked, printed it out on a "make-your-own-sticker" paper, cut it out, place it on the canvas and painted over it. Once the paint was dry I removed the stickers. Michael was even impressed on how well they turned out.. They look super cute hanging up in the nursery. :)

The next project was a fabric banner to hang on the wall above the crib. For this one I simply went to Joann's and looked through their excess fabric bin for blue fabric (I didn't need much), and then some fabric "tape". I didn't have the best of scissors so cutting the fabric was kind of a pain but I think it turned out pretty well. :)

On a side note, unrelated to crafts, I tried out a new carbonara recipe today that was a big hit. Michael said that it was so good that he wasn't even going to put salt on it, haha! I count that as a compliment!