Friday, February 28, 2014

New Blog

I just recently started a new blog. I kind of wanted to take a new route hence the new blog. I'llno longer be posting on here so you can follow me on the new site. It's called The Simple Life.  Check it out!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Update in the Rinderknecht Household

So things have been quite busy here lately. I feel like I've hardly had the time to breath. With winter storms, power outages, Michael's school, Theo and other things I've been super busy. Thankfully things feel like they are slowing down either that or I'm getting used to all the craziness, probably the latter haha. Here are a few things that have happened so far in 2014:

Weather in Georgia is the strangest. This winter has been the coldest I've seen since I've moved here. We first went through a little snow "storm." I wouldn't really call it a real storm because I've seen worst but its a big deal here. It was a fun couple of days of snow. Not even two weeks later we got even more snow not as much as the first time but this "storm" was a whole lot worse. There was more ice than snow which caused a lot of damage. It cause a lot of trees to fall which then caused most of the city to be without power. We went about 15 hours with power which meant no heat. Longest night ever. None of us got much sleep. Of course to make it stranger once the ice storm was all over with we experienced a small earthquake. It wasn't big but it was strong enough to have my heart racing and I was two seconds away from running upstairs and grabbing my sleeping baby. It wouldn't be Georgia if we didn't have 80 degree just after all this snow and ice now would it?

Before all the ice
After...It's a shame, I liked that tree

Keeping warm

When we first got married we didn't have much money. So for our first table we bought a cheap card table and folding chair set from Walmart. It did its job but I really hated it. Finally after 2 years we bought an actual dining room table. I absolutely love it!

Table before

Our new table, ahh I love it!

This may not sound like a big deal to anyone but to me its a major accomplishment. Theo sleeps great at night in his crib but we have had the hardest time with naps. He would only sleep in his bouncer and only if I was bouncing him. I've tried to slowly transition him to take naps in his crib but it never worked very well. After a very long and tiring day over at my brother and sister-in-laws house I finally said enough. I told Michael that we were going to go cold turkey on the bouncer and he would eventually get the idea. Michael is my hero in this. I have to say Theo's success is all due to him. So now he takes all his naps in his crib. I'm seriously doing a little victory dance right now. My little boy is just getting so big!