Friday, July 5, 2013

My Hand at Crafts

This past week I started working on decorations for the nursery. I had spent so much time finding ideas online that by the time I got to making them I knew exactly what I wanted. Here's the first project I did:

I got this idea from pinterest, it was actually something someone was selling on etsy I just took the idea and made it my own. I absolutely love how they turned out! And they were so easy to make. I just found a whale silhouette that I liked, printed it out on a "make-your-own-sticker" paper, cut it out, place it on the canvas and painted over it. Once the paint was dry I removed the stickers. Michael was even impressed on how well they turned out.. They look super cute hanging up in the nursery. :)

The next project was a fabric banner to hang on the wall above the crib. For this one I simply went to Joann's and looked through their excess fabric bin for blue fabric (I didn't need much), and then some fabric "tape". I didn't have the best of scissors so cutting the fabric was kind of a pain but I think it turned out pretty well. :)

On a side note, unrelated to crafts, I tried out a new carbonara recipe today that was a big hit. Michael said that it was so good that he wasn't even going to put salt on it, haha! I count that as a compliment!


  1. I super love the geometric print on that banner!!! It almost makes me want to drive out like a mad woman to Joann's (only Joann's is 20 miles away, so I'll just stare longingly at yours...) And the whales turned out great. I remember the one that looks similar. Isn't it awesome being able to make really cute things at a fraction of the cost!? Plus you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. :) I can't wait to see it all put together!

    1. Thanks! I love it too! I got super excited when I found it, I already had the other two fabrics picked out and the colors just matched perfectly. A bonus was that almost everything I bought was 50% off :) so I got a really good deal on it :D