Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prayers and Blessings

Time seems to be going by slow yet fast at the same time. I've been searching for a job and so far I've had no such luck. I did have a group interview with four other people at a portrait studio, hopefully something may come out of that. But I've noticed that lately its so hard to find a job. I know so many people who are looking for jobs and haven't been able to find one. I guess its not the best time to find a job. But one thing I have been learning is trusting in God and His timing. It has definitely not been easy. I always catch a glimmer of hope only to have that glimmer disappear the next moment. Living down here in Florida is not helping any, being with my grandparents and away from my fiance. I'm trying to remain strong though. I know that God will provide for my every need and that I have no need to worry. Easier said than done, right? Its hard to trust God when I have no idea what He is doing but I guess that's the whole idea of trust. God will provide for all my needs and in His perfect timing. I would really appreciate prayers through this time.

Ok, now that I've gotten that out time to focus on something happier. One thing about me is that I love the simple things. Sure I don't mind extravagant things once in awhile but all of my favorite memories are always of simple things. The other night I went out to drop off some applications. I don't usually go out at night because I don't like driving at night. But when I went out I forgot how much I like the lights and the atmosphere. I just love admiring all the lights of the buildings, cars, and street lights. Its such a beautiful sight. Also, have you ever noticed the other cars on the road while you are driving? How they all turn in unison when going around a curve. I don't know why but I was fascinated with it as I was driving the other day. The simple things in life can become the most extraordinary things. God has blessed us so much more than we know!

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