Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jobs, Nicknames, and Texting

It has definitely been an fun filled week. Monday Michael had an interview with McDonald's and he got a job! How exciting! Praise the Lord! He went back Wednesday for orientation and he starts training next week. We are both thrilled that the Lord provided a job for him! His birthday was also Wednesday. I'm sad that I wasn't able to be there and celebrate it with him but I did my best to make that day special for him. Today I had my first day of work, well training. It was very good, and I think I'm going to enjoy my time there.

Meanwhile here at the grandparent's house things have been running as normally as they could be. I have seemed to pick up a new nickname from my grandmother. She usually calls me Beth or Bethie, which the other old people at our church have picked up on. It was kind of embarrassing at first (especially Bethie) but I got used to. The new nickname she has for me, is worse than the first two, but I've gotten so used used to those that I just don't pay attention to this one, I just hope that nobody at church picks up on it. Its Bethie Maybelle. Not sure how I got it, its just what my grandmother calls me. I was actually in a store the other day, and the cashier asked me how I pronounced my name, at first I thought she meant my last name but then I realized she was talking about my first name. She had never heard of the name Bethany. I thought that was kind of odd, as my name is not that uncommon.

Speaking of grandparents, mine aren't very tech savvy, just like all the other old folk. So with me living with them I am often called upon to help in computer or tv problems. Sometimes its just a simple little thing, and other times its something big. Recently my grandmother started texting, which surprised me. It was all because they had to buy a new phone, because their old phone was dropped into the ocean on their cruise (really funny story). Anyways, they're new phone had a qwerty keyboard with it, so my grandmother started trying out texting. Of course, I was there to help her. It took her awhile to get it but she eventually got the hang of it, though she sometimes requests for help. Its just funny seeing my grandmother text, knowing her. With all the questions and asks for help, it makes me feel pretty smart, though I know I'm not really smart in that area, but to my grandparents I seem like it. Anyways, I'll just keep thinking I am how smart I feel. ;)


  1. Lol, that's so funny, because I've been meaning to tell you that I call dibs on being called Aunt Bethy. My favorite Aunt always called me Bethy, so for some reason I associate it with really awesome aunts. ;) And congratulations to you and Michael on the jobs!!!

  2. Lol, you can have it. I'll stick with Aunt Bethany. ;) And thanks!