Monday, December 5, 2011

Work, Work and More Work

It has been a very busy week. I wasn't planning on working very much because my boss told me we didn't have very many sittings so hours were going to be low. Well the week is over and I worked close to 40 hours this week. So much for it being slow. Needless to say I am exhausted. Today was my day off, well it was supposed to be. I ended up being called in to work a few hours this evening. At least I was able to sleep in. Friday and Saturday were my busy days as I ended up working for 12 hours each day. Talk about tiring.

I was able to get some other things done this week besides work. On Tuesday I went to Tampa and had my dress fitting. Ended up costing a lot more than I hoped, ouch! Then I also bought Michael's wedding band as well. We had to order it so I will pick it up next Wednesday when I have my final dress fitting, hopefully everything will fit. Speaking of wedding, Michael and I have finally set a date, which makes me happy because I didn't like not having one. We were hoping for January but we wanted to be safe and make sure we had everything in order so we decided on March 4th. Only three months away! Really can't wait!

Christmas is coming soon, so that means family is coming soon. I'm excited to see my parents but I'm more excited to see my two little sisters. Is that bad? Michael is also coming down for Christmas so that's another exciting thing. My entire family together for Christmas, should be an interesting one.

Life with my grandparents is going as usual. Though I'm not sure if they are getting more cranky or me. Either way at times, it gets a little stressful here, more for me than them. But I'm pushing through it and reminding myself that I only have a little bit more time here and the end is in sight. At least I have a roof over my head. ;)

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