Wednesday, May 22, 2013

17 Weeks: Gender Reveal

Well it's official we are having a...

Michael and I are both excited! I grew up with all girls in my family so in a way I was hoping to have a boy. We weren't surprised either. With all the boys in Michael's family it was just inevitable haha. Of course once we found out I couldn't resist going out clothes shopping. :)
He's going to be such a stud :)
Right now I'm at 17 weeks. I can't believe it! Before I know it I'll be half way through! I finally started looking more pregnant than fat, and started growing out of my clothes. I can no longer rubber band my shorts, I'm officially in maternity shorts or as Michael calls it "fat women clothes" (he means well haha).

Now that we know the baby is a boy, nursery plans are underway. I'm planning on doing gray walls with blue whales to decorate. This picture inspired my idea:

In puppy related news, Mozzie is doing really great! He's is basically house trained (a few accidents every once and a while) and he follows commands well. He's a big whiner, which in a way is kind of funny. He whines anytime someone leaves the house (us or company), when he comes back from a walk, or when he comes home after hanging out with people. He's loves people! I finally took him to the vet to get a shot, and found out he weighs about 8 lbs. He's most likely bigger than that now haha, he's been growing so much!

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