Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I Miss Most

Lately I've been missing a lot of food that's in Romania but sadly not here. I like the food here, but the food in Romania was just absolutely amazing! For instance, they had amazing bread which you could get fresh. The soup over their was to die for! All their soup is homemade, which takes a lot of effort but the finished product was heavenly. They also have amazing chocolate just like most European countries do. But what I've been missing the most is a pink grape fruit flavored soda.
Frutti Fresh: Pink Grapefruit (yummmm)
I absolutely love this stuff! It's like a little fruit party in my mouth. This stuff has a strong smell, I could be sitting four feet away from a glass filled with it and I could smell it, at least it smelled good. While on one of my trips to the grocery store I tried seeing if I could perhaps find something similar to hear. Here's what I found: 

I found it at Walmart for less than a dollar. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't the same marvelous pink color as the one in Romania but as long as it had a good taste I wouldn't mind. I could not wait to get home and try some. I found this drink to be ok but not amazing, it didn't have quite that strong of a flavor that I was looking for but still doable. Never the less my search still remains. There's this new product that came out not to long ago and is in a bunch of commercials and stores, its called the SodaStream. Its a device that makes soda from tap water. At first I wasn't that interested in it till I realized they had...
I now really want one! The only problem is that they are more than I can afford right now. I've heard great reviews on the product itself so I'm giving myself high hopes for this particular flavor. This will more than likely make it onto my Christmas wish list this year. Till then I'll just have to sit and let my mouth water. ;)

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  1. Hopefully you really like that grapefruit flavor if you end up buying it. It's too bad you can't try it out first, isn't it. You could try checking the ethnic aisles at groceries stores/Walmart. There are usually different drinks in the Mexican and Chinese areas. They may have something similar.