Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here We Go Again

I really need to do better at keeping up with this blog. Life just seems to be so busy. Recently there have a lot of changes to adjust to. I just quit my job a couple of weeks ago. I had been contemplating on quitting my job for a long time. I was good at my job and did very well, but it just became to overwhelming. For the first month we were there we had classroom training. I was doing really well then, but once we actually started taking calls it started going down hill. I was doing really well the first few weeks, I wasn't overwhelmed. I'm not exactly sure when it all started to go bad I just know that I began hating my job. I stuck with it though because I knew we needed me to be working. So I continued working. After awhile my mental stress was going through the roof. Michael and I had talked about me quitting on a number of occasions but by the time it came to go to work again, I just felt to guilty to actually quit. Then a couple of weeks ago I had my breaking point. One of the other major call centers that works along side of us is located in Colorado Springs. So when the wild fires started the call center was shut down. That put everyone in our call center on mandatory overtime. I think that pushed me over the edge, I was already there it was just a matter of time before I couldn't handle it anymore. Michael and I sat down and talked over things, looked over our finances and decided that I should quit and look for something else. I was expecting to be stressed once I quit but I actually felt relieved. Now I'm on the oh so familiar quest in finding a new job. I have come across several good possibilities but only time will tell. Waiting as always been my least favorite part. ;)

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