Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freak Out

My wedding is only two months away! I can't believe it. Only two more months till I'm no longer a Windham and receive a more complicated last name haha. I have people ask me all the time how to pronounce and after saying it five times they still give me a weird look. But I love the name. I've always heard of those brides who freak out if something goes wrong in the planning and I thought that would never happen to me. Well I had my first "freak out" the other day. I had been trying to reserve a room for the ceremony for weeks. I kept calling them and getting the voice mail. I would leave a message but they would never get back to me. I finally was able to get a hold of them and was going to reserve the room. Come to find out that you cannot rent the room in the morning on a Sunday, which I was fine with, I could deal with doing it later in the day. Then she told me the down payment was $200, when the total price should have been $150. I asked her about and she said it was only for week days. I explained to her that the price sheet said $150 for Sunday-Thursday. She was a little confused and said she was going to check on it and call me back in a few minutes. Well 24 hours later, I finally receive her call back. During that time though I was pacing the room wondering what I was going to do, and trying to calm myself lol. I've never been that way. I was so tired with them after that that I decided to go with something else. Anyways everything is all good and going well, so hopefully there will be no more freak outs. ;)