Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blessings and Mistakes

I feel like we have been extremely blessed. People have been very generous by donating baby items and clothing. We actually have so many 0-3 month clothes that I'm pretty sure that we'll be giving away about 1/3 of it, or maybe more. It's nice to know that I have the option of helping someone else out just as people have been helping us. It really is a great feeling, especially with a baby on the way.

So the lovely 4 day weekend that Michael had ended up being more tiring than I was planning. We were planning on possibly going to the zoo but by the last day I just wanted to stay at home and do absolutely nothing. Michael was good with that so that was what we did and it was much needed!

Now to the mistake part of this post. During this past week I was looking through Craigslist and found an adorable crib and mattress for a really great price. Well at least from the picture it looked adorable. I showed it to Michael and asked his opinion, He said it was nice and that if I really liked it we should get it. So I told the lady selling the crib that we would take and come pick it up that day. Once we arrived at the house to pick up the crib I started getting the feeling I made a mistake but just put it aside thinking it was just because I was at somebody's house and I tend to get uncomfortable in those situations. The thing is once we walked into the house we realized they were smokers. This didn't hit me right away as a problem until we got in the car with the crib and mattress that I finally realized that (of course) they smelled like smoke. But by that point its kind of to late to return it, especially when you're in the car driving away. I was really quiet the whole way back just regretting the whole thing. Once we got the crib upstairs in the nursery I regretted it even more. We tried cleaning the crib, looking up ways to get smoke smell out of the mattress but nothing seemed to work. I was an emotional wreck that afternoon/evening. Once the waterworks started they were hard to stop. Anyways, the next day after both of us had a good nights rest and my mind wasn't so emotionally clogged we sat down and talked and came to the conclusion that we should get a new crib. I hate (and by hate I mean loathe) wasting money but I can't handle having a crib that smells like cigarette smoke. I've thought of trying to resell it but I don't know of many people who would want this crib, I can imagine it being really hard to sell. We're throwing the mattress away and the crib has been re-purposed to close in the patio so Mozzie can't escape. It may look a little tacky but hey, it works. After this mess of a mistake we've learned a valuable lesson and will not be making the same mistake again.


  1. ah, that stinks. :( I totally think buying used is the way to go, but I made the mistake of being too timid to go back and return a bassinet that was used by smokers and it ended up in the trash as well. Now no matter what I buy that's the first question I ask. Even things like books hold that stench.

  2. Ugh, I know. I was actually beating myself up for not asking that in the first place. It's now going to be something I make sure I ask every time.