Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Looking Ahead

Life has been busy as our upcoming move is getting closer (next week!). Cleaning the apartment has been my major focus right now as I've already packed some and don't have to much left to pack. The apartment wasn't in the greatest condition when we moved in, nevertheless I'm making sure the place is spotless. So I've been scrubbing the floors (I mean literally on my hands and knees scrubbing) and vacuuming every corner. There's no reason this place shouldn't pass inspection (they would be crazy if didn't). Anyways, I want to share with you some things that I'm looking forward to at the new place.

1.  Location Location Location

The location of the new place is such a huge blessing. Its just minutes away from Michael's work and minutes away from everything else that we will most likely be making weekly trips too (i.e. grocery, laundry, gas station etc). It's also in a great area of town. Its going to feel like a major upgrade from where we are at now.

2. Paint!

We will be allowed to paint the walls! I was really excited when we heard this. I thought I wouldn't be able to paint until we owned our own place (if that ever happens). The ideas have been coming in full force for possible colors. I really love this color green for the kitchen. It brightens it up!

3. Patio

Last summer I kept wishing I had a place I could just go sit outside and relax, maybe plant some flowers and just enjoy the fresh air and this summer I'll be able to do just that! 

4. Pets
Isn't he the cutest thing?

My long desire for a dog may soon be fulfilled! Allowing pets was one of the main things we were looking for in the next place. Michael and I tend to disagree on what dog to get. I'm a big fan of large dogs whereas Michael likes the smaller ones. However, we've both have agreed on a sheltie. Michael grew up with having a sheltie and I just adore the cuteness!

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