Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reuniting with Loved Ones

I'm really excited! In exactly two weeks I will be on a train heading to Augusta, GA. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with Michael and his family up there. It will only be for two days but it will be worth it to see Michael again. After that I will be on my way to North Carolina to a friend's wedding. She's a really good friend and I have known her for awhile, its going to be exciting to share the special day with her.

I can't believe its only two weeks till Thanksgiving. The weekend after Thanksgiving my parents will be flying back to the states for an early furlough. I'll be able to see them at Christmas time when they come down to Florida. I saw my mom just this last September, but I haven't seen my dad and two little sisters since last May. Its going to be a very exciting time to see them after such a long time. These next two months are going to be packed filled with fun.


  1. Oh wow, that's so exciting, I forgot all about the wedding! It's just too bad it's only for two days, but definitely worth every second. Are you really taking a train?? Sooo...are your parents coming here for Christmas for a reason? ;)

  2. Haha, yeah I'm really taking a train. It was the cheapest way to get up there. Plane tickets were so expensive as were bus tickets. I've been on plenty of trains in Romania so things should go well. I really wish they were coming for a specific reason. But they had to come back because of funds and some other things. But it does mean they do get to attend the wedding, whenever it is. ;)

  3. Does the train bring you all the way to Augusta? I'm pretty amazed by this! I didn't realize people still rode trains in America (outside of huge cities at least). How long will your parents be here for?

  4. No, it brings me to Denmark, SC, which is about an hour away. It was the closest I could get to Augusta. I've heard some people still ride trains, mostly because they refuse to fly. ;) My parents are back for at least a year. They have to raise a lot more support so it may be longer than that.